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前作、Wonder Days も素晴らしいアルバムだったが、Rip It Up も素晴らしく、とにかく曲が良い。ピアノが印象的な "The Chosen One" これぞ、ブリテッシュロックと思わせられる、なんてカッコイイ曲でしょうか。早く来日して欲しいので日本盤も購入。



Rip It Up Ultimate Bundle [THUNDER]


Ultimate Bundle

• Deluxe CD - Rip It Up album + 100 Club Live Bonus Disc in 3 Disc Digipack
• 12 inch Standard Vinyl Album - 180 gm standard black 2 x vinyl in gatefold sleeve
• 12 inch Gold Vinyl Album - 2 x Gold vinyl discs in gatefold sleeve - Limited
• Gold cassette of the Rip It Up album
• Exclusive 4 track “Broken Mirror” CD EP - all 4 tracks previously unreleased - exclusive to the Thunder Online store - will not be sold anywhere else
• Exclusive A4 signed band photograph - *Ultimate Bundle Only*
• 12 x 12 signed album artwork print



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Rip It Up

Track Listings

Released 10/02/2017

Rip It Up (The Album)
1. No One Gets Out Alive
2. Rip It Up
3. She Likes Cocaine
4. Right From The Start
5. Shakedown
6. Heartbreak Hurricane
7. In Another Life
8. The Chosen One
9. The Enemy Inside
10. Tumbling Down
11. There's Always A Loser

iTunes Bonus Track: No One Get's Out Alive (Live in Hamburg)
iTunes Bonus Video: Rip It Up (Live in Hamburg) - Deluxe Edition only

Broken Mirror EP (Thunderonline Exclusive - Big Bundle 1, Big Bundle 2, Super Deluxe Bundle, Ultimate Bundle, Deluxe 3 x CD, Standard Double Vinyl)
1. Fire In The Mountain
2. Blue Eyed Girl
3. Beyond The Stars
4. I Will Return

Live at the 100 Club (Big Bundle 1, Big Bundle 2, Super Deluxe Bundle, Ultimate Bundle, Deluxe 3 x CD, iTunes Deluxe)
1. Wonder Days (Live)
2. Black Water (Live)
3. River Of Pain (Live)
4. Chasing Shadows (Live)
5. Broken (Live)
6. The Devil Made Me Do It (Live)
7. Backstreet Symphony (Live)
8. I'll Be Waiting (Live)
9. Resurrection Day (Live)
10. The Thing I Want (Live)
11. Love Walked In (Live)
12. I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll (Live)
13. The Rocker (Live)
14. Dirty Love (Live)