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John Waite's live album "IN REAL TIME" [John Waite]

John Waite : the popular British singer/songwriter/performer who brought you immortal songs such as the smash Billboard #1 hit "Missing You", "Change" and "When I See You Smile" (with Bad English) is back with In Real Time – a live album capturing the energy of his new live show and his renewed love for Rock Music.

IN REAL TIME is an electrifying new live CD recorded on tour during 2009 with John Waite's super-charged three-piece band. The album will hit stores on May 14th in Europe on Frontiers Records.

John Waite has released nine studio albums to date and is currently writing for and working on an all new original material record expected sometime in 2010.

IN REAL TIME includes the following songs:

Back On My Feet Again
In Dreams
Every Time I Think of You
Band Intro; Prelude
New York City Girl
Best Of What I Got
Missing You
Head First
Rock and Rol
When I See You Smile * Bonus Track

John Waite : Lead Vo, Rhythm Guitar on "In Dreams" & "When I See You Smile"
Tim Hogan : Bass Guitar
Luis Maldonado : Lead Guitar, Backing Vo
Billy Wilkes : Drums, Backing Vo

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